About Me

My name is Ashley and I am a qualified beauty therapist and model who admires the art of the human body. 

My passion is the art of beauty 🌹 and my motto states that it lies in the eye of the beholder. I'm passionate about taking something and transforming from bland to grand.

My aspiration is to finish the things I start and to achieve the results I know I'm capable of. I challenge myself to try new ambitions outside of my comfort zone, which is beauty of course, not only for self growth but also for the experience. 

Experience is a thing without an age limit and ones knowledge only ends where one allows it too.

I didn't discover my passion I was born with it, I realized it the moment I did my own makeup as a teenager and fell in love with the joy it brought me, I wanted to share the joy with the people around me and express all my artistic abilities.

I focus on bettering myself everyday to the best version of myself, I strive to be successful, I am open for new challenges so 24 months from now I see myself successful, where ever I find myself at that present stage, I live life to the fullest

My general outlook on life is to be a strong passionate women because passion is golden, I love the challenges life brings me and strive to be an inspiration to human kind, to live to the fullest you need to be fearless